Rio de Janeiro – from the OdisseyOpera

Track in binaural sound technology. Spacialization better experienced with headphones or 8.1 systems

Length: 5:04 m




It was by the ocean that, in 1500, Portuguese ships arrived in Rio de Janeiro and marked the colonial era for the then created country “Brazil”. This track rises from the deep sounds of the ocean and arrives on a sunny summer Sunday in Rio in Janeiro in 2019, as a reference to this Portuguese invasion. This time, we arrive to a beach full of people – talking Portuguese, selling out local food, chatting on phone, playing games, living their everyday lives and enjoying the favourite event for the “carioca” people: a Sunday by the beach with family and friends. From this beach we are taken to Praça XV, a square at Downtown Rio, on a Tuesday at 6pm, when the bell announces that the boat that crosses from Rio de Janeiro to Niterói is about to departure. People are rushing to come back home from work, while some skaters enjoy the end of the day practicing sports. Slowly, we are taken to Copacabanabeach on a Friday night, where a woman ‘solos’ a conversation on the phone. She warmly invites someone to meet her, while kids play, somebody opens a champagne, and a show runs in the background presenting a local popular song on a kiosk by the beach – typical enjoyment for local people on a Friday night.


CREDITS: Piece part of the OdisseyOpera (2019)

Conception: Cândida Borges

Composition: Cândida Borges

Recording: DNArchive Group