here you will be able to follow the trips and the experiments of the artist in this project

Journaling actions of the project:

  • Sept 30th/2018 – Video/Audio Recordings in New York, US. Central Park

Team: Cândida Borges, Max Wild

Equipment: Zoom H4n, Ricoh Theta Camera (just pics), Iphone Xr.

On Sundays of warm days, communities of different backgrounds get together at Central Park to play, sing, dance, talk and ear traditional food. Walking through the park you can find a community of Cubans, Haitians, Africans, Americans, also musicians from different locations performing through out the park.



  • Dec 22nd/2018 – Video/ Audio Recordings in Medellin, Colombia. Plaza Botero.

Team: Cândida Borges, Esteban Henao, Gabriel Mario Velez.

Equipment: Zoom H3, Ricoh Theta Camera, Iphone X, Zoom IQ7

In the middle of the holiday season, we recorded a group of local artists making performances on dance and music. We did some 360, ambisonic and stereo recordings of people walking, talking and watching the performances.


Same day by the night, we recorded a typical Christmas procession happening in a park in Medellín.


  • Jan 6 to 11 th/2019 – Video/ Audio Recordings in Brazil – Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo.

Team: Cândida Borges, Gabriel Mario Velez.

Equipment: Zoom H3, Ricoh Theta V Camera, Iphone X, Zoom IQ7

Recordings on:

  • Sunday  Jan 6th, a main beach in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. This is the city where I was born.
  • Downtown Rio, in the end of a week day, at Praça XV, a main square in front of the Ferry transportation that connects Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. Workers coming back home.
  • In São Paulo, a street where african immigrants sell african objects while local people walk around. Also the municipal market – for fruits and general things – a typical São Paulo place for workers.

IMG_0826       IMG_0872praia rio field recs.png

  • Jan 10nd/2019 – Audio Recordings in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 5th avenue 

Collaborators: Esteban Henao.

Equipment: Zoom H3

5th Avenue is the main tourist area in Playa Del Carmen’s. the recording was made walking around the place, the sound source are compose for different kind of music, cultural expressions and languages.

  • Jan 23nd/2019 – Audio Recordings in lleras park, Medellin Colombia. 

Team: Esteban Henao, Natalia Henao

Equipment: Zoom H2n, Zoom h4n pro, binaural mic Roland – CS-10EM

The recording was made walking around the place, the sound source are compose for passerby, music, speaking in deferents languages.

  • Jan 28nd/2019- Audio Recordings in Girón, Santander, Colombia. 
Parque principal de Girón e Iglesia 
Time: 5:00 pm
Sounds: people talking, ice cream, car engine, ice cream car bells, part of the music (Hallelujah) and a small fragment of the liturgy that took place at that time.
  • Jan 29nd/2019- Audio Recordings in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia. 
Peasant Market:
Time: 3:00 pm
Sounds: Murmurs of all the people who buy, peasants offering their products, the sound of how they start panela, laughter and dialogue.
  • Feb 10th 2019 – Video/Audio Recording in Bryant Park, New York, US.


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